About VU email

Last Updated: 2016-12-29



Main policy points

  • Mailbox is provided only for period of work and studies.
  • Email users must comply with VU computer network usage rules.
  • Email addresses are created from name and familyname
  • Address creation:
    • For VU staff: Name.Familyname@department_name.vu.lt
    • For VU students: Name.Familyname@department_name.stud.vu.lt
    • Other users: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Available resources and restrictions

    • All users can accesss their email at  webmail.vu.lt.
    • One person can have only one address/mailbox as staff and one as a student.
    • Students have 1,3 GB of disk space (1 GB for INBOX and 300 MB for other files and folders).
    • Employees have 1,75 GB of disk space (1 GB for INBOX and  750 MB for other files and folders).
    • Sending mail size limit -  10 MB. Maximum number of recipients - 100.